What I Should Be Doing…

…laundry, making dinner, feeding a baby (that’s going to happen really soon anyway), packing for my return trip home, playing with my kids, enjoying the beautiful weather, picking up a birthday gift, helping my mom clean the kitchen. 

What I am doing:  Reading the awesome entries to my contest!  Sorry it’s taking so long!  I’m still away from home and recovering from the wedding madness.  (Did I mention the dog ate the wedding favors?  I didn’t?  Well, that was a disaster!) 

And you cute ladies who are waiting for query critiques.  I’m working on those too!  I’ll try to have everything done and returned by Tuesday.  I’d say Monday, but this is a weekend of travel extravaganza (read: tear-filled, sweat-stained, despair).  Three kids, three airports, ten hours (an improvement on the twelve it took to get here).  Wish me luck!

So watch for your crits on Tuesday!

OH!!  And I almost forgot!  Look for my interview on Melodie Wright’s blog on Friday and Saturday!  WOOT! 


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