Whatever Happened to Being Polite?

Grocery shopping with three very small children is always an adventure, but today it almost turned into a bloodbath.

An older woman–whom I will politely nickname Grouchy Grandma–whipped around the corner and clipped my three-year-old with her cart.  Instead of helping my little girl up, Grouchy Grandma said, “You should really watch where’s she’s going.”  Then literally tapped her foot while I picked my child up and moved her out of the way. 

Grouchy Grandma didn’t say she was sorry, didn’t ask if my daughter was okay (she’s fine, didn’t even cry), and blasted past us like we were slowing her down.

Honestly, I’m so sick of this crap.  I’m sick of rude people.  Can’t we all just try to be nice again?


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