What’s That Smell?

It’s burn out, folks. Take a good whiff.

My not-so-brilliant idea to post five personal stories and then encourage you all the write one of your own…yeah, it’s sort of sucking the life out of me.

The purpose was really good. I promise.

When we take the time to write our own stories — and there is big a difference between writing and just recording the facts — we identify specific details. How did you feel when you crashed a bike down a stairs? What color was the horse you rode on that date? What did that guy wear (or not wear)? When we force ourselves to identify color, texture, sound, emotion, in our own memories, we have something to draw on when we are creating a character, world, or scene.

See. I told you I had a good point.

Go marinate on that for a while, and I’ll post the details about the contest on this subject tomorrow.

I’m going to sleep.


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