Where have I been for the last week? Reading the Game of Thrones

This is not a book review.  I couldn’t possibly rate The Game of Thrones on any scale.  My feelings  are too jumbled. 

The content of the story bothered me. There was much too much graphic violence and sexuality for my taste.  My stomach tied itself in knots every time George R.R. Martin killed off another child and it happened a lot.  I’m a mother, I’m a “tender-hearted woman” (that’s a quote straight from the book), and thinking about dead babies messes me up.

However, I can not deny the absolute genius it took to craft this novel.  The characters, the plot, the setting, and the layers of intrigue are phenomenal.  I haven’t come across another story that had as much depth and breadth (of course it was 800 pages long, so it had plenty of time to develop all of those things!)

Did I like the Game of Thrones?  Yes. No.  I don’t honestly know.  Do I think it could be used as a writer’s text book?  Without question. 

Have you ever read a book that was enviable for its artistry but made you uncomfortable?  How would you rate it? 


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