Why I Blog

I read a post on Between Fact and Fiction yesterday about why people blog.  Some people do it for social reasons, others do it to find a community of people with similar interests, and then there are the people who blog just because it’s “good marketing.” 

When I started blogging in 2009, it was because I was bored out of my head!  I had two tiny children and a husband who was gone all the time.  And I missed writing. A lot of my earliest posts are almost journal entries.  I blogged about the night I was terrified when my husband was in Singapore and about a series of bad haircuts (don’t go read them…they were never proofread).

I didn’t blog because I wanted people to follow me, but because I needed a place to put ideas.  And even though a lot of my posts are about writing, most are about the random events in my life.

So if my blog is more personal than other authors’ blogs, it’s just because I don’t mind sharing.  If something happens that is entertaining more than educational, I’ll probably post it (not the super personal stuff…mostly just the daily disasters). But I’ll still devote a good portion of the time to writing/publishing/querying-related topics.

Thanks for joining me on the ride.

So my question of the day is:  Why do you blog?   


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