Why Is It So Hard To Blow Stuff Up?

The movies make it look so easy.  A terrorist/freedom fighter/political activist manages to locate a trunk load of C4.  They drive a car into a building and it explodes. 



Since I’m trying to write something accurate, something that could actually happen, I need to have all the details just right.  The building has to have an entrance a car could approach, the restaurant needs to be fancy, I need to know how fast a car would be going down an urban-European street to draw attention. And blowing a building up in a crowded city without having too many other casualties, is really, really difficult. 

And technical.

And not nearly as fun as I expected. 

So maybe I’ll just insert a line into my document like “And then the restaurant bursts into a fireball”  and try to figure out the logistics later.

Research is hard.  Writing is hard.  Killing off essential characters should be exciting/fun, but today it’s tricky. 

Anyone know a bomb expert I could ask scary questions? 

(Oh…for anyone who is monitoring this…I’m writing a novel.  Not planning anything destructive.)


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