Why is there a Wagon on my Website?

Once upon a time a long, long time ago, I worked in sports.  This was back in the day when the Memphis Grizzlies were getting a new logo.  I interviewed their marketing director about the design process and all the elements that went into selecting the colors, the fonts, the mascot imagery, etc.  It was pretty darn fascinating.

I’m not nearly as cool as the Memphis Grizzlies, but there was some actual thought that went into designing my website, and a lot of it has to do with my book. Since no one has read THE STORYSPINNER (except for a very small group of critique partners and my editorial team), this will be a very early, very small introduction to THE KEEPERS’ CHRONICLES and the world of Santarem.

The Wagon


The main character, sixteen year-old Johanna Von Arlo, is a Performer.  Similar in concept to Cirque du Soleil, the Performers travel to each of Santarem’s ducal states to…well…perform.  They are acrobats, actors, singers, dancers, animal trainers, flaming sword jugglers (oh yeah!), and storytellers.  They live in multi-purpose, uber-functional gypsy wagons. They love bright colors, ornamentation, and tend to be a bit ostentatious. When my web designer, Denise Biondo, presented me with this gypsy wagon, I thought it was perfect representation for Johanna and her family!

The Weird Pine Trees


I love araucaria pine trees!  Aren’t the branches beautiful and curvy and almost other-worldly?  My husband went to Brazil several years ago and brought me two paintings of these trees, and I’ve been writing them into backdrops ever since. In THE STORYSPINNER, they set the scene for murder, mayhem, and mystery! In our world, araucaria are native to subtropical climates like southern Brazil and the eastern coast of Australia.

The Birds


This freakish looking little bird is called a Potoo. They’re a night bird with an irritating call, and they scatter (like most birds) when faced with danger.  The birds on my site give the same sense…DANGER!! You’re now entering the website of an author.  Proceed with caution… Not really.  🙂

The Compass Rose


I don’t know if you noticed, but there is a compass on each of the pages to denote movement.  There is an epic quest in THE STORYSPINNER and I love that it’s reflected on my website.

And…I think that explains most of what you’ll see on beckywallacebooks.com  However, if you interested in seeing more pictures that inspired the world of Santarem you can visit my pinterest or facebook pages.  There are a lot of cool images (and recipes) there as well!

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