You asked for a map for The Storyspinner…

…And I have one for you!!!

I commissioned an artist to create Santarem, the imaginary country The Storyspinner is set in, and she did an incredible job.

BUT, this is where this post gets even more exciting.  If you have a copy of my book (hard copy or e-book) or plan to order one before March 31st, I will send you an oversized bookplate featuring the map. All you have to do is send an email to with a picture of the book or of your receipt, and your mailing address. I’m only ordering a limited number, so this is only available to the first 300 people. 

Do you want to see what you’re getting??


I totally love it!  The sketches of each of the manor houses and palaces, the beautiful trees, the ships and lighthouses, the marsh, Performers’ Camp, and Donovan’s Wall. *sighs* Jemma Young did a brilliant job!!


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