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    Is FART an "F" Word?

    A friend from high school posted on her blog that she was struggling with the “F” word. She has three young sons, and was trying to find the right word to replace FART. It’s a hard transition for her. She grew up as a FARTER and has continued to FART. However, she married into a non-FARTING family. She didn’t want to offend her in-laws with her (and her sons’) FART language.I don’t have a big issue with FARTS. I use the word FART occasionally, but have a hard time hearing my three-year-old use it. So, I’ve been trying to turn Gavin into a TOOTER. I know I’m waging a losing…

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    New Year’s Resolution

    Three years ago Jamie and I sat down together and made an awesome list of New Year’s Resolutions. We typed up a goal list, taped it to the office closet, and never looked at it again. The following February I took the sheet down, laughed at the things we wanted to do (but never accomplished), and promptly threw it away. I haven’t written down a goal since, which is supposedly an uber-important step toward achieving success. Whatever. I set mental goals all the time like, “Get out of bed and take a shower” or “Becky, you should blow dry your hair today.” I know those sound pretty pitiful, but I…

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    What’s Your Thought on That?

    I love to hear what people think! I’ve designed this blog to serve as a place for my friends and family to discuss funny things, serious things, to share opinions and ideas. So, what’s your thought on that?P.S. I’m still trying to find the perfect background for this blog. Give me a little time…