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    Perfectly Plastic

    Please don’t think that I’m vain…at least not completely, totally, utterly vain. But I just saw something on TV that made my laugh hysterically and I wanted to write it down.Has anyone out there heard about the Bump It? And just when I thought Texans had cornered the market on ridiculously tangled tresses, I find out about a sassy little product that you snap into your hair to create a voluminous bump on the back of your head (or the front, if you’re interested in the Bump-It mini). I’m not talking about a skull-deformity of some sort (although I’m convinced at least one of the dents in the back of…

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    Spinning the Wheel of Fortune

    What does a retirement center and this Wallace Family have in common?Our undying affection for Pat Sajak of course! The sad thing is that I’m not kidding. Jamie, Gavin, Laynie and I gather around our annoyingly large TV and watch Wheel of Fortune six nights a week. We even Tivo it so that we never miss an episode. It all started one evening as a simple competition between husband and wife and has since turned into a year-long obsession. Jamie and I both have Wheel Watcher ID Numbers and are seriously considering getting Gavin one. We have the Wheel of Fortune computer game installed on our laptops and play competitively…

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    A Memo to the Plastic People

    Had dinner with a group of ladies (you’ll understand the emphasis later) a while ago, and the subject of plastic surgery came up.One of the women was upset because her mother-in-law had agreed to watch another daughter-in-law’s children while she recovered from an…augmentation (this lady wouldn’t go into details about her SIL’s type of surgery). Anyway, she was miffed that 1) her SIL was having plastic surgery and 2) that her MIL was willing to take care of the family.The subject changed to the type of plastic surgery any of us would wish for. Seven of the nine women present said they would like to have Laser Hair Removal, and…