There are so many amazing resources for prospective authors. Here are a few of my favorites: 

Susan Dennard has one of the most comprehensive writing-related websites on the internet. It’s vivid, accurate, and always relevant. She also has a brilliant newsletter focused on her writing and editing techniques. Check it out! 

Janice Hardy’s Fiction University it updated all the time with information from a broad variety of authors—traditional and independently published. 

Query Shark is the best, most brutal website to help prospective authors draft, redraft, and re-redraft their query letters. 

And here are some links on things that I’ve written that might be helpful!

On Querying: So you think you’re ready to hunt for an agent.

On Writers Block: Defeating Writer’s Block

On My Writing Process: Making Every (Writing) Minute Count

Or if you’re looking for something particular, type Writing Lessons in the search bar and it will pull up lots of posts!