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    Editor’s Note: Author of Jenn Johansson talks about sequels and sensory writing

    Jenn Johansson is no newbie when it comes to working with editors.  For INSOMNIA and PARANOIA (which comes out June 8), she worked with Brian Farrey-Latz at Flux, and is currently finishing up edits on CUT ME FREE with Janine O’Malley at FSG/Macmillan.  So tell us all the secrets, Jenn!  BW:  How has working with an editor changed your writing? JJ: Working with an editor has allowed me to focus on different things while I write. I am able to put all my attention on really honing the story and know that all of the other stuff (phrasing, word choice, punctuation, etc) will fall into place as we go through revisions. It has really freed me up…

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    Editor’s Note: Author and Editor Rayne Hall talks revision tricks and novice mistakes

    I’d like to welcome Rayne Hall, author and editor extraordinaire.  She’s written more than forty novels in a variety of genres, under different pen names, and has been published by twelve different houses in six countries.  In addition to writing novels and short stories, Rayne has also penned a series of instructional guides to help authors improve their craft.  She’s agreed to give us a few tips on how to edit our manuscripts to make them shine. BW: Please tell us a little about yourself and the stories you write. RH: I’m a quietly eccentric introvert and I have a black cat named Sulu whom I’ve recently adopted from the cat…

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    Editor’s Note: Rori Shay and a Blog Tour stop for her new book ELECTED!

    Hey folks!  Thanks for dropping in today to read about Rori Shay’s experience with editors (yep, it’s plural), and her new book ELECTED.  But before we dive into her interview, there’s another part of Rori’s story that is both heartbreaking and motivating. Rori received an offer on her manuscript, went through the editing process, got a cover, prepared marketing materials, and then BAM! Her publisher shut their doors just a few weeks prior to her release date.  (Remember, the heart break I mentioned? I can guarantee that’s what it would feel like).  But, Rori was determined her book would go out on schedule and with the help of Silence in…