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    How I Got from Point A to Point (A)B Lit

    A couple of people have asked how I got the attention of my truly awesome agent, Jennifer Laughran.  Nothing written below is shocking or unheard of, but maybe the lessons I learned will help someone else on their journey.  Here are my tips:Make sure your manuscript is READY.  My ms started with a prologue and ended with an epilogue.  Seven revisions later, SAW IT COMING (SIC) had gone through three new openings, two different villains, and a completely different ending.  Besides revisions I also: had five beta readers (two of which were agented authors…we’ll talk about why I think that was important later), searched for passive verbs and useless words, and read the…

  • Jennifer Laughran,  My Awesome Agent

    The Truth in Fortune Cookies

    In November, I ate Chinese food, stole the fortune cookies from my children, ate all the mildly-sweet crunchiness, and read the fortunes.  One of them said, “Your greatest wish will soon come true” and I spent the rest of the evening wondering what my greatest wish was. That night I had a crazy dream which I posted about here.  To summarize,  the dream started with a pedicure, moved to me in labor (thus the need for a pedicure) and my husband answering the phone while I was having contractions.  The person calling wasn’t my mom or someone logical, it was an agent from New York offering me representation. And even though I was in labor, I took…