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    How I Got My Agent: An Atypical Story

    There are always rumors floating around the internet that an author has to “know” somebody to get an agent. You guys, that’s not a thing. The vast majority of writers get their agents the old fashioned way: querying. My story is a teensy bit different. About eighteen months ago I found myself mucking about in the query trenches. It’s not a happy or hospitable place, and it wasn’t my first campaign to find an agent. I know all about the grit and fortitude it takes to send out ten, twenty, fifty queries and how every rejection knocks you down. Querying is hard. Luckily this time, I didn’t start this adventure…

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    STORYSPINNER won the AML for Best YA Novel of 2015!!

    On Friday I got an e-mail from my editor with the subject line, “Drumroll, please…”  I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t an AWARD.  I knew I was nominated and was pretty darn excited about that, but to win??? The other books were all so amazing, and their authors have a lot more clout than I do. I mean, Brandon Sanderson. SANDERSON. He is the like one of the gods of modern day fantasy. So, it really shouldn’t have been a surprise that I responded to my editor like this: “Shut up. SHUT UP. Are you serious?” Yep. I’m a professional like that. I’m so honored to have…

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    Teaser No. 4 & SLJ and Booklist REVIEWS!!

    Less than a month!! March 22nd is so crazy close!!  And that means you’re running out of time to pre-order your copy and get your swag!  I already spent $72 shipping envelopes from here to China (that’s not an exaggeration!!) and I have an enormous stack left to send.  SOOOO, if you want the exclusive artwork, bookmarks, and postcards, you can get your book at any one of these lovely locations: Amazon Barnes and Noble Blue Willow (for autographed copies!) And if the teasers are not enough to convince you, here is what School Library Journal and Booklist have to say: Multiple character perspectives continue with two new voices, which…