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    Defeating Writer’s Block: Mind Mapping

    A few weeks ago, my husband walked into our office and found me sprawled out on the floor.  Our conversation went something like this: “Honey, why are you on the floor?” I threw one arm over my eyes (I may have a flair for the dramatic) and groaned, “I’m so stuck with this story. I know what has to happen next, but I just can’t write the words.” “You solve your problems from the floor?” “Yes!  This is the Rug of Many Sorrows,” I said, giving the floor a hard slap.  “And today I have many sorrows.” He stepped over me and arranged his work laptop, work laptop No. 2, IPad,…

  • Writer's Block,  Writing Lessons

    Lies We Tell Ourselves

    By “we” I actually mean me. Lie:  I can totally do (insert tremendous list of time consuming activities) in two hours.  Truth:  Unless I can bend the laws of science, grow two arms, or have a secret team of helpers hiding in the garage, then no. I can not do a tremendous list of things in that amount of time. Lie:  It’s okay if I didn’t hit my word goal today. I’ll make it up tomorrow.  Truth:  No, I won’t.  Sometimes — like maybe a  tenth of the time that I say this — it actually happens.  Usually I push the “make up work” off till the end of the…

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    There’s Nothing To Writing

    “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down and at typewriter and open a vein.”-Walter Wellesley “Red” SmithI’ve seen this quote on a couple of authors’ blogs, and it always makes be frustrated.  It’s not that I disagree.  Am I spilling my heart and soul all over my laptop for hours everyday?  Yes.  Is there a transfusion for that?  Um, no. Do I feel washed out and exhausted from my writerly efforts?  Every single day.  But sometimes I just can’t get a darn vein to open. In fact, most of the time it’s like those stupid little heel pricks pediatricians do to babies.  They poke a tiny hole and then have…