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    Why authors want you to pre-order and Teaser No. 6!

    Your friend — and by that I mean me — has written a book.  Suddenly your Facebook and Instagram feed is inundated (I really hope not) with posts about pre-ordering her book.  She’s offering swag, and you’re like, “Wait…is she giving away curtains? Isn’t that what swag is? Or is this some thug thing? Like bling? She’s not really very thuggish…” I am not very thuggish. It’s true. Nor am I giving away curtains to encourage you to pre-order my book.  Swag is usually stuff like bookmarks, bookplates, artwork, postcards, etc.  We autograph some of this stuff to make it extra fancy. (If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see what I…

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    Defeating Writer’s Block: Mind Mapping

    A few weeks ago, my husband walked into our office and found me sprawled out on the floor.  Our conversation went something like this: “Honey, why are you on the floor?” I threw one arm over my eyes (I may have a flair for the dramatic) and groaned, “I’m so stuck with this story. I know what has to happen next, but I just can’t write the words.” “You solve your problems from the floor?” “Yes!  This is the Rug of Many Sorrows,” I said, giving the floor a hard slap.  “And today I have many sorrows.” He stepped over me and arranged his work laptop, work laptop No. 2, IPad,…

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    Five Images from THE STORYSPINNER

    Do you have any idea how beautiful the world is? There are so many incredible things out there, on earth, that I had to borrow some of my favorite images to help me illustrate Santarem, the world of THE STORYSPINNER. Take for instance, the araucaria pine tree (above) and its glorious reaching branches.  It may have the world’s best silhouette.  AND this tree, plays a pretty significant role in my story. If you think that’s awesome, here are five more pictures that inspired me as I wrote Johanna and Rafi’s story. 1.  Performer’s Tent 2. A Performer’s Wagon 3.  A Bugio (Monkey) 4. Donovan’s Wall 5. Belem’s Estate   Review…