And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hey folks!  I’m still here!  Sorry I haven’t been commenting on your blogs or posting a whole lot because:
  1. Blogger hates me.
  2. My baby is nocturnal. On a good night I’m getting maybe three hours of sleep.  Total.
  3. My dog is possessed.  She’s way more jealous than my kids are.  In fact, I just had to rescue a diaper from her.
  4. I’ve been revising a lot. And blogging time has been replaced by nap time. For me. 
My friends warned me that the third baby was different. They said:  “now you don’t have enough hands to handle them all” and “you won’t recover as fast now that your thirty (cause that’s super old)”  and “sleepless nights with this one will be more exhausting than with the previous two.” 

I smiled, nodded, thanked them for their input and went on planning a crazy, busy summer ignoring the fact that I was having a baby via major surgery. (Secretly, I laughed…”Bwahaha. Don’t you know I’m superwoman.  I laugh in the face of infants!”  Not really.  That would be sort of scary.)

But alas, when the character ignores the advice of the cliched sage, it comes back to bite them.  Hard.

So will you all forgive me if my posting schedule is a little erratic for the next couple weeks? 

Thanks for understanding. 


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