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    Writing Contest or It Just Keeps Getting Dirtier

    Oh! How I wish I had real, live, actual readers! I have the perfect idea for a writing contest. I’d have two main categories:Best story written about the items I found under my dryerStory closest to what I think happened that resulted in the items being dropped behind my dryerI’d even offer prizes! Like a big fat ($10) gift card and a beta read with copious notes of any writer’s manuscript. You see I recently found out (not gossip exactly) the…ummm…sordid history of my house. I won’t go into anymore detail – except, of course, to say it was sordid – because I don’t want to give away the answer…

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    Just Do It!

    The people who owned our home before us weren’t exactly my kind of clean (translation: I’m a little OCD and they were a little Hoarder-esque). Before we moved in last year, I hired a professional cleaning company to spruce up the house. To phrase it politely, I wouldn’t recommend their services to anyone who, ya know, breathes. I’ve cleaned every surface in this home eight bajillion times, and no matter my efforts I’ve always felt like I’m living in someone else’s dirt. Yep. NASTY. We’re spending a small fortune having the main floor of the home painted, including the laundry room. I knew the cleaning service did not clean beneath…

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    A Good Book Helps Me Get Through the Day

    I love, love, love to multi-task! Here’s what I’ve been doing while reading Kiersten White’s stellar first novel, Paranormalcy. Getting on the treadmill is always more rewarding if you’re looking forward to the next chapter. I haven’t fallen off the treadmill yet…although my little boy told me this morning that I should really wear a helmet if I’m going to walk and read. Sad, but true. Off to the park! Did you know you can read and push the swing at the same time? Being a “good mom” can be really entertaining. (Lots of sunblock. We wouldn’t want the screen to fade!) Folding laundry doesn’t seem nearly so dreary with…