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    How I Got Here: Nicole Castroman

    I’m so, so excited to introduce you all to the brilliant and beautiful Nicole Castroman.  We’ve been friends and critique partners for almost three years, and her book BLACKHEARTS  is a story I love so much that I wish I could claim it as my own.  I’m thrilled Simon Pulse will be publishing it in Spring of 2016!  Nicole has worked so hard and I think her story will be an inspiration to anyone trying to break into the publishing industry. Becky Wallace:  So Nicole, tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Nicole Castroman: A little known fact about me is that I love languages. I do. In high school and…

  • Finding an agent,  Getting Published

    So You Want to Be an Author…

    I just got off the phone with a cute girl who is starting this crazy publication journey.  She wanted to know where to begin, but really there is too much information for one phone conversation. I wrote a giant email for her and decided to turn it into a blog post for all of you who are interested in the same process. Ten BASIC Steps to Getting Published 1.  Finish a manuscript.  That’s the most important step!  No agents or editors will look at an unfinished story. 2.  Revise with help.  Get a beta reader (or three).  A beta reader is someone who is willing to read your story and give you…

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    Query Hell

    Okay folks! I’m officially querying. For those of you who are old pros, how did you handle the stress? I want to check my email every five seconds!Since I can’t back away from my computer, I’m doing two things to keep me busy:1. Rewriting my synopsis. Hopefully someone will ask for it!2. Working on my new WIP. It’s a good distraction…sort of. If any of you have tips about how you dealt with Query Hell, please share! There are plenty of people who will be stepping up to the plate soon and would love to hear your thoughts.Happy Monday!