Query Hell

Okay folks! I’m officially querying. For those of you who are old pros, how did you handle the stress? I want to check my email every five seconds!

Since I can’t back away from my computer, I’m doing two things to keep me busy:

1. Rewriting my synopsis. Hopefully someone will ask for it!
2. Working on my new WIP. It’s a good distraction…sort of.

If any of you have tips about how you dealt with Query Hell, please share! There are plenty of people who will be stepping up to the plate soon and would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Monday!


  • Theresa Milstein

    It’s not easy. Sadly, the more you do it, the more it just becomes a part of your life. I find that if I’m working on a new project while I query, it helps. Then querying isn’t all I have going on. Looks like you already figured that out!

  • Trisha Leaver

    Ahh yes, the query realm. Lots of waiting and speculating going on in that corner of hell. Working on a new WIP is always a good distraction. If it helps, I can have your CP *coughs* bug you incessantly for more new pages. I frequently beta read when I am waiting on a project. Sometimes losing myself in someone else’s work helps to take my mind of my own.

  • Lindsay N. Currie

    Ugh, I’m horrible at this. I admit it. Nervous, anxious Lindsay is a real bear. I read too, both beta and just fiction I’ve been dying to find time to read. . .that helps me get my mind off of it:)

  • Stephanie Faris

    I think querying multiple agents at once helped me more than anything. Then even when I received a rejection, it wasn’t the end of the world because there was always some other possibility somewhere else.

  • Barbara Kloss

    Oh I feel you! So hard to be patient after all your hard work. Resist the urge to query everyone at once! Yes, definitely work on another WIP, and read some books in your genre! Like another commenter said…it becomes a part of your life. You’ll get used to it. But you’ll still check ur email more than once a day 🙂

  • Carol Riggs

    Yep, it does get easier. My one and only BEST way to tone down the agony is to start another novel. Get a WIP and turn the page; your last novel is officially on the back burner. Have fun with a shiny new idea and divert your attention elsewhere. 🙂 Good luck querying and waiting!

  • Mflick1

    I agree with everyone so far…and really…it just sucks…the waiting, the rejection, (wow am I depressing!) but it is hope and i think you are doing exactly what you should be doing. i agree with Q-ing a lot of people… there’s always one more out there…waiting to scoop in and take you up on your book!

  • HowLynnTime

    Well -I send em off – and forget em. Yes I am soooo not kidding. Write. Like a demon – write. edit – one last time. Start a new book right now. Get lost in it. Forget it. (adhd is actally a help in this area – knew it had to be good for something)
    Then if you hear no – don’t fall apart. It’s one less no in your future between the now and the eventual Yes!

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