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    How I Got from Point A to Point (A)B Lit

    A couple of people have asked how I got the attention of my truly awesome agent, Jennifer Laughran.  Nothing written below is shocking or unheard of, but maybe the lessons I learned will help someone else on their journey.  Here are my tips:Make sure your manuscript is READY.  My ms started with a prologue and ended with an epilogue.  Seven revisions later, SAW IT COMING (SIC) had gone through three new openings, two different villains, and a completely different ending.  Besides revisions I also: had five beta readers (two of which were agented authors…we’ll talk about why I think that was important later), searched for passive verbs and useless words, and read the…

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    W is for Waiting

    I’m not participating in the A-Z Toolbox thing, but I totally have a W for today. I’m tired of WAITING!! This doesn’t have anything (that’s a boldfaced lie) to do with waiting for agents to get back to me (LOL), but all the other things that have my life in a holding pattern. Like: a box from my grandma full of See’s Candy. It’s supposed to be here today and I can’t leave until it arrives. I don’t want my precious chocolates to melt!my homemade blueberry-struesel muffins to get out of the oven.my awesome sister (aka Nanny) to get here. She’s staying ALL summer. WOOT!Baby No. 3 to make her…

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    Tick Tock

    My grandfather was proud of being a first generation American, but he never let me forget that we were German Americans. We ate German foods, sang German songs, and learned about German art and culture. I think he was afraid that we’d grow up with hard feelings toward the Fatherland because of the Nazis, Hitler, and WWII. One day we visited a German novelty shop. The entire back wall of the store was covered in cuckoo clocks of all shapes and sizes. Some were huge multi-tiered affairs with dancers that circled at specific times and large birds that popped out of ornately carved doors. Others were tiny, with cuckoos no…