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I’m sorry. I’m not going to publish my Friend and Family Profile for everyone to read (again, I’m pretending people actually read this blog). The Plot Thickens challenges a perspective author to make a list of character traits of someone closest to them.

I don’t want people to see how I describe my husband, and I’m positive he wouldn’t want anyone to know who he really is.

One thing I will mention: one of my husband’s top concerns is safety. He likes to keep personal things private. I’m going to honor his wishes and keep that particular exercise to myself.

I’m also not going to go to a bar and profile a stranger. There are way too many things that could wrong there. Namely: Me in a bar.

However, one thing I thought was valuable and I’m comfortable publishing is my list of Defining Characteristics for my four main characters. I was supposed to categorize my character by three dominating features. Here’s what I got:

Annie: Seer, Concerned for Others, Fights for what she believes.
Caellen: Player, Secretive, Capable
Emma: Manipulative, Spoiled, Naïve
Chisholm: Wizard, Real (is true to himself), Confident

Interesting, huh? Am I the only person who will see the characters this way? Will the reader? Will other characters in the book?

This has been the most valuable exercise so far.

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  • Diana

    Ah, c’mon. I really wanted to know all of Jamie’s deep dark secrets. Oh well, Adam would have killed me if I’d have done, so I guess I understand you hesitancy.

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