Fortune Cookies and Crazy Dreams

We ordered Chinese food the other day (BTW my orange beef was divine). My kids don’t like fortune cookies, so I Bogarted them all. The first one I opened said, “Your greatest wish will soon come true.”

What in the world is my “greatest wish”?

I spent the rest of the evening thinking about it and went to bed with that question on my mind. It resulted in a very interesting dream.

I knew, without a doubt, that it was a figment of my imagination because my feet were perfectly pedicured. My knees were bunched up near my head and I had a lovely view of ten bright red toenails.

Yep, I was in labor. I looked over, my husband was sitting in a rocking chair, his face a nasty shade of green. In the distance I could hear my cell phone ringing.

“Answer the &%$# phone, Jamie!”

He looked left, he looked right, he looked confused.

“I said answer the phone!”

Jamie stood up and started frantically searching through my purse. “It’s a 212 area code. Do you know anyone in New York?”

“No, but hand it to me anyway!”

He hesitated, but my plight – and probably my very angry, sweaty face – convinced him to pass the phone over.

“Hello.” I tried to sound cheery between heavy breaths.

“Hi Becky, this is big-name-agent from fancy-pants agency. I just finished reading your manuscript and I love it.”

Panting, smiling, ignoring the pain, I replied, “Really? That’s so great!”

“I would love to discuss representing you and your work.”

I punched one fist in the air, nearly tearing out my IV. The nurse on one side gave me a very dirty look.

“Would you mind terribly if I called you back in a few hours? I’m sort of in labor right now.”

The agent laughed, a snooty rich-snob sound. “Sure. In fact, why don’t you call me tomorrow.”

“Thanks. That would be great.”

“Congratulations!” The agent shouted, just before clicking off.

I wondered if she was congratulating me on the new baby or finally finding an agent. At that moment, I honestly wasn’t sure which I was more excited about.

Three reasons I know this was just a dream and not a prophecy: 1) My manuscript is still about 12,000 words from finished, 2) I haven’t queried any agents, and 3) I deliver my babies via c-section.

But it still gives me a little bit of hope. Maybe by time I deliver baby number three, I’ll have a manuscript out to agents. Maybe someone will be interested. Maybe the hours I spend in front of my computer, writing, reading, editing, beta-ing, is going to pay off.

If it doesn’t pan out, I still have one thing to look forward to. Wallace Baby No. Three (currently nicknamed Tres) is due at the end of May. Surprise!


  • sleeplessparent

    Congratulations! I have three and it’s hair-pulling crazy but sooooo good.

    The other night I dreamt I found a secret door to extra rooms in my house. Instead of wondering at the mysteries a secret door could lead to, all I thought was, Phew – now we don’t have to move! Such is the practical life of a mom!

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