Insurance Stupidity

Remember when I posted about my little girl falling out of her bed and breaking her collarbone? Yeah well, the insurance company wants to know if she intends to file a lawsuit against her employer, the person on whose property she was injured, or against the person driving the other car. She’s three years old! That has to be on their records somewhere. If her birthday didn’t clue them in, then maybe the pediatrics bills would have been a good hint. I’m sure it’s an automated system and the insurance company sends this paperwork to everyone who visits an orthopaedic surgeon. But honestly! There has to be a filter somewhere that identifies a patient’s age and then addresses the paperwork to their parents. Or there should be! I’m so tempted to have her call the 1-800 number and tell them the story. I’d love to hear that conversation. Done ranting now. Hope your Monday is a good one. P.S. I played with the spacing on this post for ten minutes, but it still wouldn’t work. Blogger! UGH!


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