Love List: Loving Your MS Enough to Keep Going

I’m at that point in a major revision where I have to remind myself WHY I want to keep working on this story.  It all seems so daunting, and a little bit impossible to make this plot and characters what I hope they can be. 

So I’m stealing an idea from Stephanie Perkins and making a love list with both the photographs and a few phrases that inspired so much of this project.

Fisherman’s Bastion

Cafe Gerbaud

Chain Bridge

Blown out building (circa 1929)

A German girl in a dark alley.
An American girl in a magnificent ballroom.
Fiery explosions.
A beautiful, Jewish boy with an ugly secret.
Drugs, guns and bodyguards.
Protecting family no matter the price.
Mint tea and buttery pastries.
Bitter cold.
Hot kisses.
A long goodbye.

Okay, okay…I admit.  Looking at the list makes me a little bit excited to get back to this rewrite. 

What do you love about the manuscript you’re working on?

All pictures are taken from Wikipedia Commons. 


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