My Head is Overflowing

Geothermal energy, deriving a sedative from passion flower, animal mutations, a male-dominated society dependent on plural marriage, magical powers in a jewelry box.

What do all those things have in common?

They’re stuck in my head and I can’t get them out!

I have at least five story lines circling in my brain right now. I’ve chosen one to work on, but I have a friend who can work on more than one manuscript at the same time…in completely different genres. I’m so jealous!! (Yeah…you know I’m talking about you Trisha!)

I know I’m not that only writer who is faced with the challenges of what to write now. (Right? Others of you have this problem. Please tell me I’m not crazy!). How do you determine which idea to focus on or do you work on multiple projects at one time? If so, do you work in spurts and bursts? Just when your muse strikes? Share your thoughts so we can have a beautiful discussion…and maybe I’ll get some sleep.

(P.S. I tried working on three ideas at once, and it wasn’t bad. I just didn’t get anywhere because as soon as I met with a problem I just switched stories. It wasn’t a productive use of my time.)


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