My New Book Deal for STEALING HOME!!!

Earlier this year, I posted on Instagram about how I was so very close to quitting. I’d completed a lot of manuscripts. *cough, cough* NINE *cough, cough* They’d all been edited, rewritten, redited, before they went on submission. A couple of them were cut at acquisition, which means an editor is willing to buy the story, but the marketing team didn’t think it would sell well. I’d gotten some really beautiful, heart-rending rejections.

And I lost faith in myself.

So many people responded to my Instagram post, both in the comments and privately, offering encouragement and advice. One very successful author said she’d been in the same position and her husband had said this: “When was the last time you wrote something fun? Not something you wanted to sell. Just something that was a story you wanted to read. Before you give up, maybe you should remember why you loved writing in the first place.”

What would it cost me to write one more story just for myself? Besides a few weeks/months of work, nothing. So I sat down and wrote the manuscript that became STEALING HOME.

You guys, I love this story. It’s light and fresh and contemporary. It combines two of my great loves–writing and sports–throws in an awesome girl-boss and a love interest who is a genuinely good person. I worked in minor league baseball for a couple of years and several more as an editor of a sports marketing magazine. I got to use all that knowledge, the crazy stories, and inside jokes and turn it into a story I’m really proud of.

Working with Ashley Hearn and the crew at Page Street has been an incredible experience. Not only is Ashley a phenomenal editor, but she comes from a sports marketing/sports business background too! Her edits made the story so much stronger. And I can’t wait for you all to read it in June of 2019. More details, covers, and reveals to come soon!


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