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    Fall YA Scavenger Hunt is starting SOON!!!

    Woo!! It’s that time of year!  The chance to win a TON of free books, hear about new stories and authors, get a sneak peek into what they’re working on, behind-the-scene secrets and other fun stuff is all starting will on October 4th!  (HINT: Mine has something to do with a character named Maribelle and her on-going fight against evil). I’ll be on the RED TEAM and will be hosting the talented and lovely Livia Blackburn, author of MIDNIGHT THIEF and DAUGHTER OF DUSK and more!! So come back on Tuesday and check it out! For more information, click on the big RED TEAM picture below and it will take you to…

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    Interview with MG author Jessica Lawson and a GIVEAWAY!!

    Today I have the pleasure of hosting the amazing Jessica Lawson, author of THE ACTUAL AND TRUTHFUL ADVENTURES OF BECKY THATCHER, NOOKS & CRANNIES, and the newly-released WAITING FOR AUGUSTA! She’s going to give us an inside peek at her new book and tell us a little bit about her writing process.But first, here’s a little more about WAITING FOR AUGUSTA:A month ago, Ben Putter’s dad died, and (crazy idea or not) Ben’s certain the lump in his throat is actually a golf ball. The lump won’t go away and it turns out Dad’s not quite gone either. Still warm in his urn, Ben’s father suddenly speaks up to ask…

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    Spring 2016 YA Scavenger Hunt is ON!!!

    YA SCAVENGER HUNT FOR SPRING 2016 IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!!!!    Hello, and welcome to the Spring 2016 YA Scavenger Hunt! I’m Becky Wallace, author of STORYSPINNER and SKYLIGHTER, and your hostess for this leg of the tour.  I’m so glad you stopped by!You are hunting on the RED TEAM:How awesome are all of those books?  You’ve made an excellent decision.  🙂If you’re looking the original first page for the SKYLIGHTER, you’ll have to keep looking! And you totally should because it involves this:Scary, huh? Gives me the shivers every time I look at those nasty beasties. To find the exclusive content, you’ll have to follow the…