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    Spring 2016 YA Scavenger Hunt is ON!!!

    YA SCAVENGER HUNT FOR SPRING 2016 IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!!!!    Hello, and welcome to the Spring 2016 YA Scavenger Hunt! I’m Becky Wallace, author of STORYSPINNER and SKYLIGHTER, and your hostess for this leg of the tour.  I’m so glad you stopped by!You are hunting on the RED TEAM:How awesome are all of those books?  You’ve made an excellent decision.  🙂If you’re looking the original first page for the SKYLIGHTER, you’ll have to keep looking! And you totally should because it involves this:Scary, huh? Gives me the shivers every time I look at those nasty beasties. To find the exclusive content, you’ll have to follow the…

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    Let the dancing begin!!! SKYLIGHTER’s VOYA review is FABULOUS!

    VOYA loved SKYLIGHTER!!!  I’m so glad. And, once again, relieved.  It’s so great to know that people are enjoying my book!! Here’s what VOYA had to say: New dangers, decisions, and revelations await Johanna as she embarks on an adventure fraught with many perils, including the struggle to understand and embrace her true identity and the future that lies before her. Tasked to magically repair the wall separating Santarem and Olinda, Johanna comes to realize that her past and destiny are even more complex than she realized, which only further complicates her relationship with Rafi, including how she feels about their betrothal. The second of The Keeper’s Chronicles, The Skylighter maintains…

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    OMGosh! SKYLIGHTER will be out tomorrow!!

      *breathes into a bag*    *breathes into a bag again* Okay, folks. My second book is out tomorrow. TOMORROW. And even though I’ve done this once before, I can’t get over the feeling of…well…ultimate panic. I hear this goes away, or maybe gets better, with every book you publish.  But for now, I’m all Kermit flails and stress eating. It’s a pretty picture over here, I promise. So this is the your last chance to pre-order SKYLIGHTER!!  (Read: Last chance for me to beg/plead for you to pre-order because of this).  And if all the swaggy goodness doesn’t convince you, how about some trade reviews? From SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL: Gr…