Playing the Name Game

Man…I wish kid’s names were as easy as characters’ names.  If you decide you don’t like it, you just search and replace.  Voila!  Character Ingrid is now Willamina. 

I think I’ve mentioned it a few times but my new baby’s name isn’t exactly my favorite.  My husband and older kids (five and three) started calling her Audrey Jane Wallace five months ago, even though she’s only five weeks old.  They also gave her nicknames, Dree, AJ, RooRoo. 

It’s not the name I would have chosen, but we’re stuck with it now (even though I still haven’t mailed in her birth certificate).  She was Christened on Sunday so it’s pretty official. 

I call her Baby.

My next female MC’s name is going to be Aislynn Grace or Charlotte. Watch for it. 


  • Red Boot Pearl

    My husband named our first kiddo, I liked it because he thought of it…not necessarily because I would have come up with it myself. I let him pick the middle name of kiddo number two, but I got dibs on the first name second time around.
    I think you learn to love the name because you love the person it represents.

  • Rachel Brooks

    I wish it was as simple as doing a find and replace to change real life names too! It’s so easy when typing in Word. If they made it too simple, I might get addicted to changing my name. There are just so many cool names out there to try! 😉

  • Susanna Leonard Hill

    I think Audrey is lovely! But I know what you mean. If I had my kids’ names to do over, I would definitely keep the first one, probably a variation of the second one, and possibly something else for the third… not a good feeling. I think Red Boot Pearl is right, though – you love the name because you love the person. And she sure is a cutie!

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