Say What You Mean to Say

Apparently my metaphors suck.

I meant Wednesday’s post to be a less cliché version of saying, “If it’s not hard, it’s not worth it.” But according to a lovely little Twitter discussion, it came across like “If it doesn’t maim you, break your bones, destroy your spirit, or kill you, it might make you stronger.”

No more life=writing for me.

For the sake of clarity, here are the points I was trying (and failing) to share:
  1. Revising is not fun or easy, but it is necessary.
  2. An outsider can identify flaws in your manuscript better than you can.
  3. Other people (*cough* you know who you are) have more experience, know what makes a story interesting, and will suggest ways to make it the best story possible.
  4. Making changes is hard, but rewarding.
Now I will back away sheepishly, hoping that any offense I’ve given will be forgiven and forgotten.


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