Screw Your Courage to The Sticking Place

Shoot the bull. Chew fat. Bring home the bacon. In the buff. A sorry sight. As dead as a doornail. One fell swoop. Come what may. Green eyed monster.

Do you use any of those phrases as you write? If so, you need to include quotations…not really. But most idioms and a bevy of others are direct quotes of William Shakespeare. Ever hear of him?

I found this really awesome Web site,, that lists some of Old Bill’s words, what they mean and how they’re commonly used today. It’s very interesting.

So, if you’re bored out of your head, have writer’s block, or need inspiration take a gander at the work of the sixteenth century. Maybe you’ll coin a new catch phrase or create a new word. Just like Kiersten White did with her debut novel Paranormalcy.

“Oh Bleep!”


  • grassroots08

    No comments yet, what’s everybody’s problem? This a short but cool enlightenment you have brought our way. Keep them coming, friend. I love it when an intellegent person speaks or shares. I’m glad I finally met you here. Now I know two such people, if I can count myself. Ha Ha Kidding! I hope you know that.

    I understand that new words are added to Websters as they are seen in print more often. After a new word is viewed much over a course of time, it is selected by the dictionary gods to deserve a closer look at. If they concur it is a well-used word, it then is added. The bad news is, if we stop using the a certain word such as ‘befuddled’, and it is not seen much in print anymore, it is dumped like dirty dish water. So I’m hoping people will quit using so much vile language, and it then will fall by the wayside. LOL

    Fat chance of that, huh! Cheers, Don

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