Ten Things that Make Me Stupid Happy

Stupid happy doesn’t have anything to do with IQ. It’s when you are so happy that you act stupid (or embarrassing). These actions may include but are not limited to: bursting into song, dancing by yourself, giggling uncontrollably, hugging strangers, etc.

Yesterday was full of stupid happiness. It. Was. Awesome.

Here’s the list of the things ten things that happened yesterday that made me sing, dance, giggle, and smile till my face hurt:
  1. Easter candy. It’s better than Christmas, folks. Cadbury eggs, Cadbury mini eggs, Starburst jelly beans. That’s sugar-coated happiness.
  2. Watching someone else vacuum out your couches. (Yes, I totally hugged the cleaning lady before she left!)
  3. My children playing together, nicely.
  4. Getting to do something for myself without feeling guilty.
  5. Reading stories to my kids and knowing they enjoy it.
  6. Not having to wear a coat.
  7. Eating at a restaurant.
  8. Working on my book without wondering if there is something else I should be doing.
  9. Having an adult conversation with my husband.
  10. Sleeping through the night without interruption.
Here’s wishing you all a day full of stupid happiness!


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