Ten Ways I Know I’m Drowning in my WIP

  1. I try to move the laundry only to realize I started the washer, but never put anything in it.
  2. My four-year-old says, “Mommy, can I watch another movie?” And I respond with, “Sure…wait!  You watched a movie?”
  3. The battery on my cell phone is dead by noon because I checked my email ten thousand times for more revision notes.
  4. I look down at my Mt. Dew and realize it’s empty.
  5. I look down at my Mt. Dew and realize I poured it into a sippy cup  (this is also known as Mommymatic mode).
  6. I look down and realize I’m surrounded by cans of Mt. Dew, none of which I remember opening.
  7. All the chocolate in the house is suddenly missing.
  8. My pants don’t fit.
  9. Hubs says, “You realize Pandora’s been skipping for the last ten minutes, right?  You’ve been listening to the same phrase of Shakira over and over again.”  And I say, “Yeah.  Shakira. Good.”
  10. I realize at 9 p.m. that it’s Thursday and I haven’t written my blog post yet.
Off to revise!


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