The Great POV Debate, Debacle, Disaster or Whatever

I’ve been reading a LOT lately. I know you’re wondering how that is even possible. How could I possibly read more than two full-length novels each week? (It’s just happening okay! Deal with it.)

Nearly 80 percent of the books I’ve read this month are written in first-person past tense. That’s a lot of books, most of which have been published since 2007. And it makes me wonder, are authors (and publishers) moving away from novels written in the other POVs? Is it a genre-specific thing? And if so, DO I HAVE TO RE-WRITE MY WHOLE FREAKING NOVEL?

That’s a scary thought. A really scary thought. A really horrific, thought provoking, I-can-totally-see-how-that-would-work thought.

So I brought it up at dinner tonight. “Hey honey. I’ve been thinking about re-writing my book from first person instead of close third person.”

His mouth flops open revealing a severely mustard-stained tongue.

“What?” I ask, very concerned by his response.

He stirs his potato salad for a moment before answering. “How far are you into this story?”

I see where he’s going. “I’m about halfway, but I really….”

Bec, when I retire in twenty-five years, then you might finally finish this manuscript. You’ve got three years to get published. If it doesn’t happen by the time the kids are in school, you’re getting a real job.”

“What do you mean a real job?” I totally didn’t want to start into the argument that I already have a real job. I’m a full-time child care provider, maid, chef and laundry service for Pete’s sake! That’s about as real a job as there is, in my opinion.

“One that actually pays you to do work. Not a hobby, a job.”


So I’ve got a big fat deadline hanging over my head and still no idea whether I should rewrite. I mean, of course I’m going to have to rewrite (probably like seven drafts). But this would be a MAJOR rewrite. Like the biggest kind of rewrite short of scrapping a manuscript (for the fifth time) and starting a whole new project.

Anyone out there in the world, in the blogosphere, anywhere, have a thought?

My next post: I’m going to rewrite just the first chapter and post part of it here alongside the original. Maybe the contrast will make the decision obvious. Right guys? Right?


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