What would you do if you couldn’t work?

My computer is sick – infected by some nasty virus. (Virus inventors are mean, evil people! Just so you know.)

I can’t access my files and my husband isn’t going to have time to run the diagnostic to fix it until this weekend. I tried doing it myself, but have apparently made things worse. Awesome.

So I have to use his little mini laptop, but am not allowed to transfer any of my files. Which means that I can’t work on ANYTHING!!

If you were in my situation, what would you do? Catch up on TV? Put your e-reader to good use? Clean your house?

Anything’s better than sitting around feeling frustrated.


  • Kathryn

    I would read. Read as much as you can and study how other authors are phrasing, describing, having their characters speak.

    Do you have an external portable hard drive? My husband got me one for our first Christmas as a married couple, and it’s by far the best thing ever. I have all of my writing backed up on to it, just in case my laptop were to die. Think about getting one if you don’t have one already, just in case. (I’ve lost an entire novel on a floppy disc. I don’t want to talk about it.)

  • Lindsay N. Currie

    Oh geez, now I understand the true magnitude of what you’re dealing with. Not good.

    I would read for fun. Dig into one of the many books I’ve downloaded onto my kindle and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to read. Enjoy the time away – maybe you’ll come back fresh, free of viruses (that sounded awful LOL) and re-invigorated!

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