Whining While You Work

My five-year-old hates to clean his room, hates to empty the dishwasher, hates to wipe down the toilets (Dude, just AIM!) and hates to do his homework.  We spend more time fighting about the things that he doesn’t want to do than actually doing them. 

I totally remember the day that I came to this realization. I was fifteen and I’d just spent twenty minutes arguing with my mom about how it wasn’t my turn to do the dishes and I didn’t have time to do them any way.  Somehow she coerced me
into actually doing the work, and I had everything done in less than ten minutes. I’m pretty sure I complained every time I had to do someone else’s chores, but at least I did my whining while I worked.

Yesterday my friend called and I spent an hour complaining about typical mom things (my husband’s never home, my house is such a mess, I never get anything done). When I looked at the timer on the phone, I about died. Yes, we need to have friends and to keep them we certainly need to talk to them (wouldn’t be very good friends if we ignored each other all the time). But I probably would have been a lot less frustrated if I would have spent less time whining and more time working.

And with that said, I’m off to bake banana bread. No time to write today. Bummed, but not whining about it. 🙂


  • Cynthia

    Some times life happens. Since school has started by the time I come home help with homework (grades 3 and 5th), make dinner, clean up, it’s late and I’m to tired to write. I’m hoping I’ll have time Sunday. Saturday I promised to sew my son’s Halloween costume and pick up my other son’s Trumpet for band practice. 😉

  • Jess

    I’ve caught myself doing this a few times (okay, more than a few) and constantly vow to suck it up and appreciate what I’ve got going for me. I think a certain amount of venting is allowable and healthy…if you choose the right people to vent to 🙂

  • Jen Daiker

    Bummed but not whining – too cute!!! It’s my first time here but you’re making me feel pretty good! I think venting is allowed. I think a lot of us need a few minutes to have a freak out moment and then go back to our regular scheduled programming.

    After all, everyone needs a moment occassionally!!

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