Write Hope

Today I pulled out the totes of baby clothes. I thought I’d get them all washed and put away this afternoon then use the empty totes to store my older kids winter clothes.

It was a great plan. Until I realized that I have more newborn clothes (we’re talking five-to-nine pounds, not even the zero-to-three-months stuff) than can fit in my large-sized washer. I figured that my baby could go through three outfits a day during her “newborn phase” and I’d never have to wash. At all. Period.

That’s disgusting.

Now think about the people in Japan. Think about having NOTHING. Think about not being able to change your clothes because you don’t have anything besides what you’re wearing.

There are a million ways to help those people, places to donate online, projects where you can volunteer your time if you don’t have money. And if the warm fuzzy feeling you get for doing good isn’t quite enough, there are some really awesome auctions. Take Rachael Harrie’s Write Hope for instance.

Some of the items up for bid are: critiques and conversations with real agents, signed copies of books and arcs, page reviews from authors. The link to the post is here.

If you have some other suggestions for awesome ways to help, let me know.

Thanks and Happy Friday.


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