"A Clean House is a Sign of a Wasted Life"

( I googled and found this online. It didn’t have any trademarks, so I hope I’m not stealing. I’ll give credit if anyone knows who it belongs to!)
You all know that I have a few compulsions about cleaning my house. I once calculated that I spend 12 hours each week on cleaning-related chores. And sadly, that’s a gross underestimation.
No more! I quit.
Okay, that’s a bright-red boldfaced lie. I can’t give up cleaning completely. But do my floorboards need to be wiped down every week? Do my floors need to be vacuumed on Mondays and Fridays? Do all the linens have to be washed every Friday?
The answer: NO!
I’ve walled away my time behind self-inflicted rules.
I’m breaking out! (Anyone remember Prison Break? I need a hot, shaved-head dude with a map tattooed on his back.)
It’s impossible to be perfect, but a fellow author – Natalie Whipple – seems to be holding herself together. She actually did a post in answer to my question on “how she does it.” She’s pretty much the bomb.com.
She doesn’t feel perfect either, but her post on triage is awesome and an excellent reminder on what we can do to balance the wants/needs. AND she’s cute, AND she has kids, AND church stuff, AND she’s not laying awake all night thinking about what a big, fat waste of time sleep is and all the stuff she’s not getting done (well…she might be.)
Anyway, if you (Diana, Jen, even you Joel) are reading this then give yourself a break!
Don’t waste your life on trivialities. Put the important stuff first!
The end. (Sorry, I’ve got to go grill some cheese for dinner.)
The spacing on this post is all weird, no matter what I do to fix it. Blogspot jerks.


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