A Million Reasons to Feel Grouchy

I’ve always thought those “top ten” posts were stupid – not to say that I haven’t done one in the past – but I’m feeling a little anti-everything this morning. I blame it on the fact that I’m pregnant, can’t sleep and am congested all the time. So here’s my apology in advance: Sorry if this isn’t a “happy” post. I’ll try to find my sunshine-y self by lunch time.

Every Reason I Hate Virginia
  1. Seriously…it’s two inches of snow! If you can’t handle this, I’m frightened to imagine what would happen if there was a real disaster.
  2. Everything here is expensive.
  3. The restaurants are horrible. This point is not up for debate.
  4. I miss Mexican food.
  5. It’s freaking cold outside.
  6. The building code standards are worse than they are in Texas. That’s saying something.
  7. What other major metropolis has two lane freeways and a crappy public transportation system?
  8. The sports teams here stink. (Especially because I have no love for hockey)
  9. The closest post office is 13 miles away.
  10. The grocery stores don’t carry common sense items like marshmallows and Cool Whip.

Okay…so maybe that list isn’t so bad. And sadly, I can’t think of anything else that isn’t covered by #2 (food, homes, school, gas, plumbers, all expensive).

I was so excited to leave Texas and it’s rotten weather. And yet, I find myself missing it more everyday. I was spoiled by the kind people, the good food, having family near by. Sure the traffic is horrific, the property taxes bite and so do the fire ants, but it’s Texas! Being away has made me realize how good we really had it there.

I cringe to admit it…but I understand all the Texas pride now. It really is a pretty decent place to live (if you have a pool).


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