Be Grateful You’re a Writer

I’m not volunteering for this assignment (so don’t start emailing me stuff), but sometimes people send me scholarly papers, non-fiction journal articles, scholarship applications, and essays to edit. 


Seriously, some of this is stuff is so dry I need a whole bottle of Visine just to get through the pages. I mean, how much fun is a project that you can’t you words like awesome and fan-freaking-tabulous?

When I’m done with my track changes and comments that say stuff like, “You are switching between written numbers and numerals, which is correct for your style? (Cause guys, I hate to admit it, but I don’t know jack about the official style of medical journals)”  I get to open documents that I’ve created, stories full of imaginary people and situations…and sometime beautiful lush settings.

It makes me so happy to be a fiction writer.  I’m always grateful to get back to my imaginary worlds, when I’ve spent a day mucking around in someone else’s reality.

So go write and be happy!


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