Great Blogs that Don’t Get the Attention They Deserve

I spend a lot of time blog hopping.  I’ll click on a funny or insightful comment, or google for a specific topic and come up with some really interesting/funny/smart blogs.  And sadly, some of those blogs aren’t all that well followed. 

Today, I’d like to share some Unsung Blogging Heroes with you. These are all people who post frequently about all things writerly (and other interesting tidbits).  Maybe you’ll find an answer to a question or a new place to get a laugh! 

Falling Leaflets is especially awesome for unagented writers. Many of Jess Lawson’s posts focus on trends, agent openings and closings, twitter quotes, pitch opportunities, contests and upcoming events.  She also has dozens of links to helpful information on pretty much every topic.  If you’re looking for a one-stop shop on publishing information, is a great place to drop in. 

Dancing with Dragons is Hard on your Shoes is author Miriam Forster’s blog (her debut novel HOUSE OF A THOUSAND DOLLS is scheduled for release in 2013). As you can guess from the blog’s title, it’s funny and quirky, but also extremely helpful.  I loved her series on world building. She’s a marvelous teacher and does an excellent job explaining in an entertaining way.  For a list of  writing-related posts click the tab “Posts for Writers.”

Teen Shiver is a collaborative blog for more than a dozen awesome YA authors (including Trinity Faegan and Rachel Vincent), all of whom are from TEXAS!!!  It’s sort of like the southern version of YA Highway.  I really enjoyed Anita Howard’s post on the Six Flaming Hoops to Publishdom.  It definitely helped me gain some perspective when I needed it.  They’ve also addressed marketing and branding yourself as an author, and have great giveaways and links to other great sites. 

Anyone else have a favorite little-trafficked blog they’d like to share?  Leave it in the comments and I’ll head over to check it out. 


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