Book Review: Player’s Ruse (Book 3: Knight and Rouge Series)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Michael and Fisk – the mismatched knight and squire duo – continue their adventures in the third installment of the Knight and Rouge Series. Michael’s love interest, Rosamund, has run away from his father’s estate in search of a traveling player who has won her heart. Michael agrees to help her find the actor in hopes that Rosa will realize her foolishness and begin to return his feelings. And poor Fisk is along for the ride.

The trio follows the player’s troupe to a seaside village where wreckers are causing havoc on stormy nights. Michael hopes to solve the town’s problem, but once again, ends up at the center of the conflict. Fisk, the slightly-dishonorable brains of the pair, consistently pulls Michael out of harm’s way.

Of the three books in this series, Player’s Ruse shows the most dynamic character growth. Michael gains a firmer grasp on reality, and Fisk demonstrates a selfless side and growing conscience.

Fans of the previous novels will find this addition a welcome change. While the banter remains witty and the plot fast-paced, the situations have more depth making this book the best of the series.


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