Book Review: Rouge’s Home (Book 2: Knight and Rouge Series)

The boys are back and they’re still in trouble.

Sir Michael Sevenson and his (almost reformed) squire, Fisk, set out to save another damsel in distress. Fisk’s sister sent a remarkably vague letter requesting his help with an undisclosed issue. Fisk abandons his newly-despised employer – Michael was declared ‘unredeemed’ as a result of their last quest – in the middle of the night and hurries home to aid his sibling. Michael follows hoping he may be of assistance, but his status as one of society’s undesirables makes him a likely suspect for every crime committed in the fiefdom. Fisk spends as much time covering Michael’s backside as he does solving his sister’s problem. The situations are comical and the dialogue is snappy, in this fantasy fiction mystery.

Rouge’s Home is an easy read that will leave teenagers with a smile on their faces.

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