Book Review: The House of Night Series (Books 1 thru 7)

McDonald’s puts an addictive chemical in their french fries.

That’s the only explanation why a reasonable adult digs around the bottom of their kid’s happy meal box for a few stray bites of golden deliciousness. That chemical makes people like me (don’t pretend you haven’t snitched fries when your supersized pouch is empty) crave the salty, greasy, starchy finger food and completely forget about the carbohydrates, cholesterol and fat.

Sometime the things that are bad for your are sinfully delicious.

P.C. and Kristin Cast – a mother-daughter team – who authored the House of Night Series have taken that McDonald’s addiction and turned it into a book series. The seven (so far) vampire-based novels are delightfully conversational and well-plotted. The characters are as real as teenage vampires can possibly be. The dialogue is hysterical and perfectly captures YA’s biting sarcasm.

But it also drops enough F-bombs to make it R-rated and flaunts teenage sexuality. If my kids were teenagers, I would NOT let them read this book series. I can’t recommend it to anyone who is uncomfortable with vile language and immorality.

With that said, I can’t wait for the eighth book to come out in January 2011.

I know, I know…I’m totally a hypocrite. If you have a problem with that, keep it to yourself.


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