Coolest Day of the Summer

I’ve been crunching on Wint-O-Green mints so much that my teeth ache.  And yet, they are so addicting that I Just. Can’t. Stop. (Speaking of not stopping, I just finished Julie Halpern’s Don’t Stop Now.  Loved it.  The MC has a great voice. It was a quick and easy read.  If you’re looking for something to drop in your beach bag, then Don’t Stop Now is a winner.)

It’s actually a little disgusting. I mean, they’re mints, right?  They should be used to freshen breath, not keep my mouth so icy I can’t taste my own spit for hours.  But they have become my brain food.  It’s only 2 p.m. and I’ve already managed to crank out 700 words (and do three loads of laundry, feed a baby six times, change five diapers, and rescue a diaper from the dog). It’s been a good day, and I don’t want to give up my mojo.  So I won’t stop crunching. 

At least until my husband gets home.  Crunching is his biggest pet peeve ever.

Now to explain the picture posted above.  I took my kids to the Middleburg Library yesterday.  When we drove into the parking lot (in my new swagger wagon. Sadly, I’m a minivan mom now.  *sigh*) my little boy said, “That is not a library.  That’s a house.”  He was wrong and right at the same time.  The Middleburg Library is in a small –like smaller than one floor of my home–yellowish stucco house set on a well-wooded neighborhood street. If you didn’t know it was there, you would drive past it.  I would have if my GPS hadn’t been screaming, “You have reached your destination.”

Anyway, that picture is the ENTIRE children’s section of the library.  The YA section was one set of shelves. I’m pretty sure I own more YA books than the library does (BTW, picked up a YA fantasy fiction. I’ll let you know how it is). 

Despite the lack of books, we had an awesome time.  The kids each picked out new stories, participated in the county’s summer reading contest, and came home with a spider toy that jumps.  Then we ate lunch at Danker’s Deli (not making it  up) and drank bottled rootbeer.

Best summer day so far.

Have you been to your local library lately?  Maybe it will surprise you too. 

P.S. If you don’t know what a Swagger Wagon is, watch this: 

Yep.  That’s my new ride. 


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