I’m Not Writing Today

Not because I don’t want to, but because of this…

Everyone of those little black dots is a giant aphid that HATCHED IN MY CHRISTMAS TREE.  I vacuumed before I went to bed last night and woke up to about 300 more carcasses. 

This comes on the heels of The Great Mouse Invasion of 2011.  We’ve caught TEN MICE so far.  That was my breaking point and the exterminator will be here this afternoon. 

The scary part of this story is that I’m obsessively clean, but these icky, disgusting things keep  happening to me.  I’m ready to yell, “Moses!  Come take your people.  I’m so done with this pestilence.” 

I’m headed to re-wrap all my presents now since they are covered in squashed bug bodies. 

May your day be full of written words and your tree full of nothing but ornaments and lights. 


  • Kristen

    Thanks, that is a great writer’s Christmas blessing.
    I am so sorry–I am very tidy and clean too and 2 years ago we had a mouse infestation (the cat had died the summer before-we had no idea how hard he had been working!). I got really, really bummed because I felt like I had done something wrong. But these critters are designed to survive, and they will use us if necessary to do so. Any of us!
    I hope this all goes away soon!
    Be strong!

  • prerna pickett

    Ahhh!! good luck with the exterminator. We had an ant invasion during the summer that left me completely disgusted. But it has nothing to do with how clean your place is, they just find their way in.

  • Kittie Howard

    Don’t feel like this is your fault. I like clean, too, but have had problems with little critters here and there. Like then commenter above said, they’re designed to survive. But, if you can, go to a shelter and bring home a dedicated cat! Anyway, good luck and keep your sense of humor!

  • Cynthia

    A holiday toast to you for keeping up the spirits while dealing with such turmoil, or at least keeping on refilling the spirits while dealing with the turmoil. 🙂 Really though, I hope the problem is solved quickly, no one wants to deal with that during the holidays we have enough on our plates.

  • Carrie Butler

    Ack! That’s horrifying. I’m cringing just looking at it. (Not helping much, am I?) If it makes you feel better, I almost fell off my chair last night, screambling to get away from a pre-historic-looking bug on my desk. LOL

    Good luck! 🙂

  • Trisha Leaver

    That is just gross, but then again I have a major phobia when it comes to bugs. Mice however, bet they were cute with beady, black eyes and gray ears and that long thin tail. Hmm . . . no more.

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