Why the Writing Community is Awesome

Once upon a time, not that long ago, I used to keep a gratitude journal.  Everyday I’d try to find three things to be thankful for and write them down.

We moved, I lost the journal, and got out of the habit. 

Until yesterday.  My cute friend saw this one and bought it for me.  (First entry should be:  I’m grateful to have such fantastic friends). 

I didn’t actually write anything down last night.  I wanted to take my time, write neatly, put some thought into what I had to say.  It’s the first page of my new journal, so it should be good. 

Then this morning, I exchanged emails with the perfectly lovely Trisha Wolfe.  We chatted about her new book, DESTINY’S FIRE* and her upcoming blog tour and contest.

I went to her website, clicked on some links, and checked out her other blog YA Bound.  From there I could go to dozens of different author sites, publishing houses, twitter feeds.  And it struck me that one of the things I should be grateful for is the writing community.  

We’re all interconnected via social media and the writing-focused forums.  We teach, cheer-on, console, critique, and support each other.  We’re co-workers, confidantes, and friends.

I just love you guys!

Okay, enough cheese with the side of grateful-sauce.  In all seriousness, I do feel really thankful for all the awesome people I’ve met while trying to turn writing into a profession. 

Muchas gracias.

*BTW:  In case you were wondering about DESTINY’S FIRE, it’s a unique blend of steampunk and fantasy. Trish packed the novel full of interesting powers, swoon worthy characters, and a couple of make-out scenes hot enough to defrost my windshield. Definitely spicier than anything I’ve ever written!  Check out her blog for more info and upcoming contest details.

(Note: I just picked Critter No.2 up from preschool.  After witnessing a horrific tantrum, I realized how grateful I am for my kids.  Looks like I’ve got my three entries for the day!)


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