Magnificent Monday!

Five quick things that have started this Monday off on the right foot:
  1. I got an email from my editor this morning!  I know, I know…it was just to check in.  But I had (another) realization that I have an editor!  This is worth celebrating every day. 
  2. My bathroom remodeling projects should be done today!  This means I won’t have to trek down two flights of stairs to go potty in the middle of the night.  An accessible bathroom is a must for any pregnant lady (grouchy or not).
  3. I’m almost done with my first round of revisions!  This is is cheer-worthy for so many obvious reasons.
  4. I booked my parents flights for their late-July visit!  Both my mom and dad will be here when Wee Wallace No. 4 makes her appearance.  Since my husband had to lay on the floor during my last C-section, we’re both really excited my mom will be in the operating room this time around and my dad will be watching my other three kids. 
  5. My strawberries are blooming!  I didn’t do much garden prep this year (due to my enormous belly) and yet my little strawberry plants are thriving.  I can’t wait for garden fresh berries! 
I hope you can find something awesome to make your Monday magnificent instead of miserable.  Have a great week!


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