The Art of Revision

Before I write, I always have two points.  The beginning and the end.  The middle I make up along the way.  When I finish a draft, I’m always thrilled that I was able to connect my points.  And then I do my happy dance (It’s like awesome in action! Someday I’ll vlog it).

Then I send my ms to my readers and they respond with ‘meh’ (and usually some good notes on how it can be less meh).  The happy dance stops, I lay on my bed for a couple of days, and contemplate different ways my story can get from A to B.  Usually there is a lot of whining and some “How in the world can I change it!  There is only one way to get from the beginning to the end!” 

But that’s so totally wrong.

I have a friend (I won’t say her name ’cause it might embarrass her), who is the Grand Master of Revision.  She can visualise like a half-dozen ways to change her story and they are all awesome.  She gives me hope that no matter how crappy my first draft is, there is always, always potential to improve it.

I want to be like her.  I want to be a REVISIONIST as well as a writer.

Any one have any favorite revision tips to share? 


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