Where Have I Been: A Photo Essay

Furnace went out. Spent a day finding repair/replacement estimates.
The very next day our 13-month-old microwave stopped heating food. (Yes, it was one-month beyond it’s warranty). Spent an entire day trying to find a replacement that could be delivered in less than 90-days.

Then it was Thanksgiving. (I did manage to put up my Christmas tree, but haven’t taken any pictures yet. [Like you care!])

Then I hosted a football party. Translation: Cleaned my house like a maniac and cooked like a gourmet. (Minus the gourmet part)

Went shopping. Our Vizsla won’t be available till January 5th. Just finished filling out the TWO-PAGE application before being considered to actually purchase one.

Pregnancy started to do more weird stuff to my body. BESIDES getting fat and barfing! I’ve developed temporary carpal tunnel.
It will go away eventually. Until then, my posts might be a more infrequent.
Have a peaceful, productive, holiday season!


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