Why I Blog

I read a post on Between Fact and Fiction yesterday about why people blog.  Some people do it for social reasons, others do it to find a community of people with similar interests, and then there are the people who blog just because it’s “good marketing.” 

When I started blogging in 2009, it was because I was bored out of my head!  I had two tiny children and a husband who was gone all the time.  And I missed writing. A lot of my earliest posts are almost journal entries.  I blogged about the night I was terrified when my husband was in Singapore and about a series of bad haircuts (don’t go read them…they were never proofread).

I didn’t blog because I wanted people to follow me, but because I needed a place to put ideas.  And even though a lot of my posts are about writing, most are about the random events in my life.

So if my blog is more personal than other authors’ blogs, it’s just because I don’t mind sharing.  If something happens that is entertaining more than educational, I’ll probably post it (not the super personal stuff…mostly just the daily disasters). But I’ll still devote a good portion of the time to writing/publishing/querying-related topics.

Thanks for joining me on the ride.

So my question of the day is:  Why do you blog?   


  • Barbara Kloss

    Same as you…it’s been awesome meeting other “like-minded” people in the blogosphere, but I also am open and like writing about life’s adventures!

    Btw that apfelkuchen was AMAZING!

  • Kathryn

    I love the community, catching up on what other people are talking about and writing about. Whenever writers blog about what their challenges are and how they overcame them, or any new bits of advice or ideas, it’s all just so helpful to me. Plus, I post pictures of cute kittens on Friday.

  • Susanna Leonard Hill

    I’m like all of you, I guess. I blog to connect with other writers and like-minded people and, like yours, my blog is both personal and professional – writing and life. Sometimes I think it should be a little more focused… but it’s not 🙂

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